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MEDI-FIL-A-GEHR PEEK® is a high performance filament based on the material PEEK and is suitable for medical and pharmaceutical applications in direct body contact with tissue, bone, skin and mucous membrane up to 24 hours. They have been tested and evaluated by independent, accredited test laboratories and meet the following biocompatibility requirements: – ISO 10993-1/5/12/18 and USP Class VI.

The continuous operating temperature of this high-performance plastic ranges between approximately -40° C and +260° C. It features an extraordinary combination of very high rigidity, hardness, tensile strength and bending strength (high toughness and fatigue strength), high heat deflection temperature and excellent resistance to disinfectants and detergents. The hydrolytic stability is exceptionally high, so that repeated sterilisation in steam is possible without any problems. PEEK is self-extinguishing according to UL94 specifications. The raw materials used meet the requirements of FDA and EU 10/2011 for food contact materials.

The processing temperature for the filament is 375°C in the heated chamber (180°C). The material is specifically designed for use on 3D printers.

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Product range

  • Excellent sterilisability with all standard methods (superheated steam, gamma, E-beam, EtO)
  • Very high stability, rigidity and toughness
  • Very high thermal stability and heat deflection temperature
  • Very high creep resistance
  • Very high dimensional stability
  • Very high radiation resistance
  • Very high hydrolysis resistance
  • Good wear properties
  • Low water absorption
  • Inert
1kg spool
1,75 mm
Colour: natur



  • Extremely close tolerances
  • Filaments made of high-quality raw materials
  • Low-emission and odour free
  • Shrinkage-free
  • Good layer adhesion
  • Optimal flow behaviour while printing
  • Carefully spooled and packed in easy to use aluminium-laminated resealable zip bags
  • Surgical instruments
  • Dental instruments
  • Connectors
  • Bearing cages
  • In vitro diagnostics
  • Primary packaging in the pharmaceutical sector

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