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Polyetheretherketone ranks among the high Performance thermoplastics thanks to its high melting point of 343 °C and its maximum continuous operating temperature of 260 °C. Its particular chemical structure makes PEEK largely stable against thermal and chemical damage and permits its usage inside the body. In case of fire, the smoke development of PEEK is the lowest of all thermoplastics; the material is therefore used in aviation. FIL-A-GEHR PEEK® is an experimental filament with a processing temperature of 375 °C in the heated chamber (180 °C). The material is specifically apt for use on 3D printers.

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Range of products

  • High stiffness, elastic modulus 3830 MPa
  • Resistance against many chemicals
  • Maximum continuous operating temperature 260 °C
  • Print temperature 375 °C
  • Chamber temperature 180 °C
1kg Spool
1,75 mm
2,85 mm
Colours: natural

Properties FIL-A-GEHR


  • Extremely close tolerances
  • Filaments made of high-quality raw materials
  • Low-emission and odour free
  • Shrinkage-free
  • Good layer adhesion
  • Optimal flow behaviour while printing
  • Carefully spooled and packed in easy to use aluminium-laminated resealable zip bags
  • Inside the body
  • Aviation
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