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New product range STABILO Pen 68 uses GEHR PP® tubes with double edge strips

We supply our customer Schwan STABILO with PP hexagonal tubes in various colours for their new product line: a fibre-tip pen with a flexible brush tip.

Home craft has been experiencing a real boom for the last few years. One particularly popular technique is what is known as “brush lettering” – a modern form of calligraphy that involves using a flexible brush pen to create individual letters or entire sentences using flowing, differently accented upward and downward strokes on the paper. The flexible brush tip makes the STABILO Pen 68 brush interesting for hobby artist and professionals.

The challenge for GEHR was to exactly reproduce the available colours of the brush in the colour of the double edge strip of the PP tube – not to mention the very close tolerances the tube has to meet by all means.

GEHR is the world’s leading supplier of extruded precision tubes for the writing instruments industry. Our tubes permit the production of designs which are impossible to achieve with injection moulding processes. GEHR PP® is the material employed most frequently thanks to its exceptional processing options. Depending on the individual requirements, different surface effects ranging can be achieved. Obviously, all colours of the RAL colour chart and numerous special colours are available. By the way: we have been producing the famous hexagonal tube for the classic orange fine line pen point 88 for STABILO for the past 50 years.

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