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Showcase project for sustainability in the medical industry

The production of medical products often requires the use of materials that are not only biocompatible and safe, but also environmentally friendly and sustainable. We have taken on this challenge and, with the ECO MEDIGEHR PP tubes, have created an innovative solution that meets exactly these requirements.

The story of ECO MEDIGEHR PP tubes began with a customer’s need for a bio-based or recycled material with medical approvals. We then started intensive development work to produce tubes made of sustainable PP that meet both the strict requirements for biocompatibility and food contact. After numerous tests and optimizations, it was finally possible to produce high-quality tubes that not only meet medical standards, but also make a positive contribution to the environment.

Today, the ECO MEDIGEHR PP tubes have become a showcase project for sustainability in the medical industry. They serve as an example of how it is possible to produce high-quality medical products that are also environmentally friendly and have a positive impact on sustainability. The company behind the ECO MEDIGEHR PP tubes offers individual support for customers who face similar challenges and are looking for sustainable solutions for their medical projects.

The ECO MEDIGEHR PP tubes are a prime example of how innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand. They impressively show that it is possible to produce medical products that are not only effective and safe, but also contribute to protecting the environment. We hope that other companies will follow this example and work together to create a more sustainable future for everyone.

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