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High performance plastic PEEK optimised

Thanks to further process optimisations, we further enhanced our PEEK semi-finished products. For round rods in particular, we succeeded in minimising the core of the products.

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Expanded product portfolio in filaments for professional 3D printing

We have continued to expand our range of plastic filaments for professional 3D printing with the addition of FIL-A-GEHR PC/ABS®.

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Glass fibre reinforced material

New to our product range is the technical plastic material POM-C with 25% glass fibre reinforcement. The fibres of the semi-finished product GEHR POM-C 25GF® are chemically coupled; therefore the fibres are indeed reinforcement and not filler material.

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Material with enhanced thermal stability

To satisfy the growing requirements for filament processing in professional 3D printing (FDM), we attach great importance to continuous process optimisation.

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Optimised formula: enhanced surface gloss and flatness

Thanks to process optimisation, we again succeeded in significantly enhancing the surface gloss, and flatness of our sheets.

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New product: Statically conductive sheets made of POM-C

We continue to expand our range of electrically conductive materials and include the product GEHR POM-ESD 9® in our range.

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Blue dyed semi-finished products – perfectly suited for food processing

Plastic materials have many advantages over other materials because of their properties and approvals and the fact that they are easy to machine. They have therefore successfully been established in the food-processing industry. Here, the materials must be compliant to the strict requirements of various national and international food authorities and regulations to find their way into applications as components in equipment and machinery used in the meat, dairy, grain and vegetable processing industry. The food-processing industry prefers to use blue dyed semi-finished products for the two following reasons: in case of machine downtimes during food-processing, spores, fungi, mould and other residues may develop which are difficult to detect on natural coloured or black dyed assembly groups. However, since only few foodstuffs are of blue natural colour, components made of blue dyed semi-finished products create a strong contrast which helps to detect impurities. This ensures that additional cleaning of individual equipment units can be initiated in good time. Beyond that, food-processing equipment components are often exposed to high mechanical load. It can therefore not be excluded that - very rarely - plastic particles can contaminate the foodstuff, although the material is normally not toxic. In the worst case, blue dyed plastic components stand out optically and can be detected much quicker. Removing fractured components from the food-processing process which contaminate the foodstuffs is simplified considerably. We have blue dyed round rods with food contact approval made of GEHR PE-UHMW in stock in the following dimensions: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 mm.

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