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PVC-9The tolerances of the semi-finished products in our stock merchandise are based on the currently valid standards.

Following DIN norms are being used for semi-finished materials:

Rods, sheets, hollow rods:
DIN-Norm (DIN EN 15860)
Hexagonal rods:
DIN-Norm 933/34 Class A
Welding rods:
According to DVS 2211

Tight tolerance stipulations

If you should need different (plastic-friendly) tolerances, please talk to us. We will then check the relevant options individually.

Tension decrease

Machining the various thermoplastics to make semi-finished products will always cause internal stresses. These can be reduced by a subsequent thermal treatment step (annealing). Since at each step in machining the stress level in the component is increased, which under unfavorable circumstances may lead to distortion of the component concerned, we recommend incorporating an additional intermediate annealing step for components with close tolerance specifications.

Other References

All the products listed on the GEHR website are stock articles with the standard lengths available. On request, in response to a specific inquiry, customised items can be produced in a minimum quantity.

All weights specified are based on average production weights. As a rule these are the invoiced weights, only High Performance Materials will partially be invoiced by actual weight.

GEHR makes no representations or warranties regarding the technical statements in this brochure.

Desired capability characteristics are only binding if there is an explicit agreement when the contract is concluded.

Modifications concerning the support of technical progress will be reserved. Values are dependent on the diameters and can deviate.


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