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Polyvinyl chloride is a flame retardant material with an exceptional chemical resistance and also with lower stress cracking. PVC-U shows high mechanical strength, tensile strength and the continous operating temperature is from -15 °C to +60 °C. It can also be easily solvent, cemented and welded.


  • high mechanical strength, tensile strength and hardness
  • good insulation properties for electronics
  • high chemical resistance
  • self-extinguishing
  • low water absorption
  • easy to varnish and glue
  • low impact strength
  • increased impact strength
  • limited weather resistance


Pumps and valve body, gaskets, bearings cages, pipe lines, hand lamp pipes, brush basic body, parts in the dental medicine, seat strips, profiles for cabin and fair construction, pipes for the mounting of kerfs, lamp box.


GEHR® PVC-U rods in dark grey, made of the formulation 334 HX are food safe up to a diameter of 160 mm according to:

  • the regulations of the German Environmental Protection Agency of 2005 referring to cold water as well as the guideline of the DVGW according to the rules of DVGW technical regulations, spreadsheet W 270.
  • the norm EEC 90/128. Further, in this formulation we only use raw materials which are classified food safe and have an FDA approval.


Round Rods Pipes Sheets Profiles



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