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Displays, shop fittings and trade fair stands

Creative presentation: you supply us with your ideas. And we make the plastic profiles, tubes, rods and sheets you need.

Many of our products can be used for visual communication in displays, retail outlets and trade fair stands. From our transparent materials, such as GEHR PMMA xt® to our deep-drawable EcoGehr® sheets made from renewable raw materials – in our product portfolio, you will find an extensive choice of articles in various versions. Besides the standard articles, we also get together with our customers to develop and produce responsively individualized solutions for special requirements.

Possible applications:

  • PVC tubes as ceiling elements
  • PMMA tubes as decorative displays for product presentation
  • PVC tubes as support columns for standing tables
  • Acrylic glass as cereal dispensers
  • Hinges for holding advertising materials
  • Deep-drawable sheets as product displays


Round Rods Pipes Sheets Profiles



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