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A colour masterbatch is a pure dye dissolved in a plastic. The concentration of the dye is significantly higher than that of the component to be dyed with this masterbatch. The high colour concentration of the pure pigment, which is added to the natural coloured polymer during processing, allows for homogeneous colouring. If mixing is insufficient, however, it is difficult to achieve even colour distribution. Streaks can form in the component. No dust is produced during use, the dosage can be adjusted and the formation of agglomerates is avoided because the pigment is already embedded in the plastic substrate.

In the same manner pigments can be incorporated into a substrate material, other aggregates such as impact resistance modifiers, stabilizers or other additives can also be incorporated into a masterbatch. Thus, even small quantities of these highly concentrated mixtures can cause major changes in the physical properties of the component to be produced.


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