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New to our product range is the technical plastic material POM-C with 25% glass fibre reinforcement. The fibres of the semi-finished product GEHR POM-C 25 GF® are chemically coupled; therefore the fibres are indeed reinforcement and not filler material.

Polymer basic materials often feature a broad range of innate properties which makes them optimally suitable for many applications. Unfortunately, however, their mechanical strengths or rigidity is significantly lower than that of metals.

By reinforcing the material with glass or carbon fibres, this shortcoming can often be compensated for or sometimes even be surpassed. In addition, compounding the fibres reduces the thermal coefficient of expansion and water absorption, which at the same time increases the heat deflection temperature. This allows to achieve component tolerances which non-reinforced plastic materials otherwise would have never been able to meet.

Despite fibre reinforcement, the mass weight of the compound, the density, is still below that of metal materials such as aluminium or steel. In order to meet this kind of customer requirement, we now offer the material POM-C with 25% fibre reinforcement. The following dimensions are available from stock in natural colour:

» Gehr POM-C 25 GF®: ø 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 natural colour Length: 3 m



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