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The right material for electronic and electrical engineering applications

The right material for electronic and electrical engineering applications
Electronic or electrical engineering applications most frequently require coil bodies which not only have an extremely high dimensional stability but which also show a low tendency to creep as well as excellent electrical insulation properties. All of these characteristics must be maintained even at increased operation temperatures. It is also important for companies that chip removal machining processes run smoothly and in a way that can be reproduced so as to be able to manufacture and guarantee components of the highest possible quality. Besides the homogenous structure and the low level of residual stress, the GEHR PEEK® material meets all requirements for this special application. In addition to the requirements mentioned, registration in accordance with UL94, V-O classification and a glow wire ignition temperature of 850 °C in compliance with IEC 60695 were considered for the end application.



We are pleased to announce that we have been granted the status “Approved Exporter” with effect from October 2017. An Approved Exporter is a company that has been authorised by the main customs office to follow simplified procedures for the export of goods.


Additive manufacturing innovation platform

FORMNEXT is regarded as the most important international trade fair for additive manufacturing technologies. As on many previous occasions, GEHR presented current products from its FIL-A-GEHR product range in Frankfurt. We were overwhelmed by the keen interest shown by visitors in our filaments. Besides the weld line strength tests, our integrated inline diameter check and the test certificate per coil in particular met with an enthusiastic response. FIL-A-GEHR PEEK® attracted a lot of attention. With the number of printers capable of processing this high performance plastic growing, the material will be used for an increasing number of applications in the near future. Another highlight presented on our stand was the recently launched material PC/ABS®, which proved very popular with users from the automotive industry.

Drinking water approval obtained

Our PVC-U round rods now also comply with the high demands of the European Regulation on Chemicals – proof that the excellent quality of GEHR products is in line with international standards!

Food approval confirmed

Our material GEHR PVDF® is very often used by many end users in the food processing industry. We can now confirm to our customers that it has been granted approval in accordance with European food contact regulations 1935/2004/EC, 2023/2006/EC and 10/2011/EC. The users of our sheets and rods appreciate the high dimensional stability and the pressure-tight quality of our semi-finished products. Furthermore, the raw material we use is pure white in colour.The exceptional resistance to chemicals – in particular at very high temperatures – makes PVDF a very good alternative for many applications.


Freinsheimer Strasse
Making use of what was once a public street

Freinsheimer Straße, the public street that used to divide our company premises in two and – as reported – was transferred to us at the end of last year, now serves as a storage space and transportation route. In the medium term, we intend to convert the street into a storage area for our products.


Expanded product portfolio in filaments for professional 3D printing

We have continued to expand our range of plastic filaments for professional 3D printing with the addition of FIL-A-GEHR PC/ABS®


High permormance plastic PEEK optimised

Thanks to further process optimisations, we further enhanced our PEEK semi-finished products. For round rods in particular, we succeeded in minimising the core of the products.

Diversity of acids does not allow for any universal definition

Generally speaking, acids are chemical compounds which transfer positive charge carriers (so-called protons, H+) to other substances. The best-known and oldest acid is surely acetic acid.

A successful component of our product range for years

Components like decorative containers, storage boxes, protective enclosures, information displays or simply foldable partition walls (folding screens), the mating part of which is often subjected to movement, can be joined thanks to a simple adhesion process using a crystal-clear and co-extruded PMMA hinge. This in turn enables contact materials of different origins to be joined together. The longevity of the adhesive surfaces with the flexible hinge area was confirmed in 80,000 open and closing cycles.

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