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Material to meet highest demands

Our semi-finished products, such as round rods, sheets and hollow bars, made of GEHR PEEK® stand out for their following properties:

Sales training for the Freiburg-based company Ketterer & Liebherr

For the sales employees of our long-standing Freiburg-based customer Ketterer & Liebherr we ran a training course at our headquarters in Mannheim.

Efficient water purification with the help of GEHR PVDF®

Since the purity or composition of water is determined by given specifications, not all water is not alike. In order to be able to guarantee the purity of water, water treatment plants are used for water purification.

Approval for round rods in dark grey

GEHR PVC-U® round rods in dark grey up to a diameter of 160mm have a food approval (1935/2004/EC and 10/2011/EC). Should you need an approval for drinking water applications for GEHR PVC-U® round rods, please do not hesitate to contact us.

GEHR premises successfully connected

8 years ago, GEHR acquired a complex of buildings and halls located directly behind the factory premises at the company’s headquarters in Mannheim. The two plots of land were separated by a public road, which seriously disturbed internal processes of our company. Now we have been able to take over 130m of the previously public road and integrate it into the company premises. Thus, an area of 1,300 m² is added to the site, which has now grown to more than 40,000 m² in total.

We would like to thank the city of Mannheim for their  cooperation and look forward to implementing the optimised processes!

TÜV's American counterpart

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an American certification company (similar to VDE, TÜV and others) established in 1894. Since 1942, UL has been validating plastic materials of all globally leading raw material suppliers. Guidelines are revised and new standards are developed in close cooperation with the plastics industry to ensure that state-of-the-art technology meets tailor-made testing and inspection programmes. UL tests and certifies the compliance of standardised technical and high-performance polymer materials with global standards. The organisation offers sample preparation as an additional service. This ensures uniformity of the test samples and eliminates unnecessary costs. The inspections are documented in the so-called “Yellow Card”, which includes the name of the raw material manufacturer, the raw material, tests for flammability of plastic materials in accordance with UL 94 as well as diverse mechanical and electrical property values. Each Yellow Card has a file number starting with the letter E and allows for finding all details online. Providing this document is almost indispensable when entering the US market, since the UL standards are as important in the USA as EN and IEC standards are in Europe or DIN and VDE standards are in Germany.

New cooling system in the Mannheim plant

Energy costs have become an important factor in all our plants. The cost pressure is increasing constantly due to rising energy prices. We try to respond to this cost pressure by implementing our proactive energy saving policy and innovative system solutions. Not only does this sustainably reduce energy costs but also helps to mitigate the environmental impact in the long term.

The new cooling system in the Mannheim plant is the latest example of this strategy. The winter relief of the new system is achieved by means of a glycol-free dry cooler. Outside air is used as free-of-charge cooling energy for the cost intensive cooling unit. This saves up to 80 % of energy costs. Thanks to the new cooling system we were able to improve the quality of our process water by installing additional filters and stabilising the pressure in the pipe network; at the same time, we put into operation a new modern pipe network to supply our extrusion facilities.

ISO (OHSAS) 18001 certified

ISO 18001 is a globally accepted standard and forms the basis of occupational health and safety management systems ensuring that companies comply with occupational health and safety regulations. The key areas addressed by this standard are the protection of employees, occupational safety and company health care provisions.

Living Together in Diversity

Counteracting discrimination with respect and appreciation and strengthening “peaceful coexistence in diversity” is the basic idea behind the Mannheim Declaration, which actively involves 175 institutions, associations and companies from the “City of Squares”. It is an expression of the common core values of the signatory institutions, which are actively committed to strengthening peaceful coexistence based on mutual respect and the willingness to bring about mutual understanding in our city, which has always been defined by its diversity. The Mannheim Declaration was solemnly signed by Mr. Helmut Gehr on behalf of the entire GEHR company at the “Company Day”.

GEHR on the list of recommended suppliers

NatureWorks is the first company ever to offer plastic materials made of 100 % renewable resources. GEHR processes the Ingeo® material provided by NatureWorks into high-quality filaments – thanks to this cooperation we were being listed in the company’s guide of recommended suppliers. We are looking forward to continuing our excellent working relationship!

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