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New STABILO pointMAX range uses GEHR PP® tubes

We had the honour to support our customer Schwan STABILO in developing this new product line, which stands out for its extremely robust tip and the wide range of available colours.

The new STABILO pointMax product line is available in an extraordinarily wide range of 24 brilliant colours. The challenge for GEHR was to exactly reproduce the available colours in the colour of the PP tube – not to mention the very close tolerances the tube has has to meet by all means. The result is a pen that will thrill lovers of brilliant design colours and will create an entirely new writing experience thanks to its extremely robust tip made of nylon. The combination of such a tip and a colour range which provides the right pen for each mood is unique in the market of writing instruments.

GEHR is the world’s leading supplier of extruded precision tubes for the writing instruments industry. Our tubes permit the production of designs which are impossible to achieve with injection moulding processes. GEHR PP® is the material employed most frequently thanks to its exceptional processing options, but also GEHR PMMA XT® (acrylic) is used.

Depending on the individual requirements, different surface effects ranging from “striped” to “marbled” or soft touch surfaces can be achieved. Obviously, all colours of the RAL colour chart and numerous special colours are available. By the way: we have been producing the famous hexagonal tube for the classic orange fine line pen point 88 for STABILO for the past 40 years.


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