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High Performance Plastic Material PEEK latest addition to FIL-A-GEHR® Programme

Thanks to expanding our FIL-A-GEHR® product portfolio with the material polyetheretherketone (PEEK) we are now proud to offer a high performance plastic as filament.

FIL-A-GEHR PEEK® particularly stands out for its very high continuous operating temperature of approximately 260 °C and its excellent chemical resistance. Furthermore, its resistance to high-energy radiation and its high rigidity and strength values make PEEK the material of choice for the most different applications. Due to the high melting point and processing temperature of FIL-A-GEHR PEEK®, the material can only be used in 3D printers specifically designed for this purpose. Depending on the device, the optimal nozzle temperature is approximately 375 °C. To ensure tension-free cooling of the workpiece the material must be processed in a heated chamber at 180 °C. Typical FIL-A-GEHR PEEK® applications include individual parts and components with very complex geometries, such as backup rings, plug connectors, planetary gears, mixing reactors and small turbines for chemical plant engineering, oil and gas production engineering and for the transportation industry.


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