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Our quality, environmental and energy policies

Our products and services are based on recognized quality-management standards, both on a national and an international scale. Resource-economy constitutes an important cornerstone in this context.

As a manufacturer of semi-finished thermoplastic goods, we have set ourselves to maximize customer satisfaction by prioritizing the quality of our products and the reliability of our services. We take quality and eco-compatibility to mean that our products and services are responsively matched to the requirements posed by our customers – while factoring in the applicable statutory stipulations, the latest state of the art, current HSE regulations and the relevant standards concerned.

In this context, a responsible approach to the deployment of valuable resources is a major priority, as is continual improvement of the management systems introduced, while simultaneously avoiding any environmental impact in the future: so far, we have obtained certification under the following schemes: 

  • The GEHR company is certified under the quality management standard DIN ISO 9001.

  • We also possess a certified eco-management system under the DIN EN ISO 14001 standard. This standard serves to assure both sustainable eco-compatibility of the company’s products and processes on the one hand, and standard-compliant behavior of the staff.

    ISO 14001 “Environmental Management Systems” has proved its worth all over the world, and is the leading standard in the field of eco-focused corporate management. The key concerns covered by this standard are enhanced legal security for the company concerned, systematic downsizing of the eco-relevant costs (e.g. waste, effluent), but also the aspects of energy-efficiency, resource-economy or material consumption downsizing. It thus constitutes a comprehensively efficacious tool for a company’s future-focused development:

    • corporate policy on the environment
    • environmental protection
    • the quantifiable results in terms of environmental impact
    • compliance with regulatory stipulations and statutory limit values
    • responsibility for standardisation, i.e. supporting an ecology
    • fair behavioural standardisation
  • Furthermore we have set up a certified Energy Management System according DIN EN ISO 50001.

    Energy Management Systems help to increase the energy efficiency in companies and organizations. By means of this management system we are monitoring among other things the obligation for continuous improvement of energy efficiency in our company as well as the careful handling of the resources used. EnMS is an instrument for continued and systematic improvement of energy saving potential.

 GEHR Quality, Environmental, Energy and Health and Safety Policy Statement


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